2017 Design Trends

By Betty-Jo Bleakley | Betty-Jo Interior Designs.

Us in the Building Industry are always excited to see what trends are coming out in the year ahead. Confident, Composed, and Comfortable are design styles on the list, drawing from our own personalities to create unique homes.

This year we will see a lot of:
  • Dark shades of green, muted spice tones, mauve and indigo with metallic & vibrant jewell accents.
  • Terracotta and Cork are also coming back in a big way (luck for those who haven’t renovated in 20 years). These textured materials can be used for floors, feature walls and or small accent pieces within the home.
  • Timber floors, stone tops and tiles are coming through with matt finishes allowing interest between different surface. Using an array of textures is great way to add depth to your design

Other trends we will see include raw cut quartz and onyx to be specified for a pleasant change on the overused carrara marble. Natural stone can be used to create a focal point in your kitchen, bathroom and or main living areas. Pared with timber, this combination is guaranteed to work well in any home. Dark Stains of timber in joinery and furniture pieces will increase in popularity. Laminex have some beautiful finished timber veneer products on the market.

In the world of textiles, the bedroom will see a shift from timber framed beds to the softer, more romantic feel of a simple fabric bedhead. The fabric bedhead is a great way to add an on-trend element to the room that can easily been updated with changing trends. Raw linens, soft suede’s and sheers are also in. Handmade artisan elements heavily feature in the form of embroidery, felt, knitting & crochet. Great for cushions, wall hangings, throws and tissue boxes ;).

Moving into Floor plan design, The ever so popular open plan living is on the out list mostly due the impractical reasons of noise, privacy and cooking aromas. There is however a solution for us in Queensland that love indoor/outdoor entertaining. A simple courtyard can be used to break up the main living area while creating a statement inside the home. A beautiful glass framed garden area surrounded by the kitchen, dining and living to can be used to combat one large opening. Small escapes or little nooks are being favoured to create a haven from our busy lives, weather it is created in the master, a sun filled room or a quaint study.

Raw materials are being used in both interior & exterior applications. Austral bricks have a great array of block work incorporating a range of surface textures & finishes. Check out their website for inspiration. Handmade bricks and the natural industrial look are taking over the tied rendered homes that have once been on trend. A few of these homes are starting to pop up now in the Toowoomba Region.

A well-designed space comes together using the fundamental elements & principles of design, touching on: Space Texture Line Balance Proportion Harmony Emphasis, alongside Colour. For any design to be successful it has to first be functional. The Kitchen & Bathroom Designs are key to any great home. Equally as much thought needs to go into the small details such as location of windows & power points in a bedroom, living area and study. If you get the design right, it makes selecting colours and finishes so much fun!

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