6 Top Tips For Building Your New Home

Barb Irwin | PEART Land Project Sales. 

Building a new home can be a very daunting experience. Below are 6 tips that I would recommend to make this an enjoyable and exciting process!

  1. Research is your best friend when finalising products and finishes at quoting stage.  It is always best to have chosen your products and have a fixed price contract.  No one like getting variation invoices at the end that they were not expecting.
  2. Choose your builder wisely. Best practice is DO NOT use a family friend. This will guarantee your friendship at the end, and they will understand.  Take notice when driving around the area which builders are popular and the style of home that you like.  When these homes are finished ask the home owners what their actual experience was like.
  3. Check the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website – www.qbcc.gov.au to see what their building history has been and if they have any defaults recorded.
  4. Read your contract carefully before signing. If you are not sure seek legal advice as this is no different to buying an established house.
  5. Remember this is your home and you are entitled ask your builder questions if you have any concerns. If you do not understand let them know.
  6. Finally, set a budget and stick to it!

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